Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Design Releases and 2nd Anniversary Celebration!

2 Year Anniversary Celebration!
Yesterday, February 4th, 2015, was SDG's 2 year anniversary!  To celebrate, I am holding various sales and giveaways in my facebook group, Southern Digi Girlz Hangout, so make sure to join!  You can also head over to my facebook fan page,, and give it a like!

New Design Release!
Head over to my brand new website and pick up the new releases!  I have created some adorable Mardi Gras designs with a unique beaded stitching!  Also, you can never have enough princess number sets!  What sets this new set apart from all of the rest, you ask?  It too has that unique beaded stitching!  It is perfect for the little princesses in your life!

Custom Digitizing!
Are you looking for a digitizer to create logos or exclusive designs for you with an affordable price and quick turnaroud?  Look no further!  Message me on facebook or send me an email to get a quote!

Haven't stitched a Southern Digi Girlz design yet and want to see the quality of my designs?  I add a freebie to my Facebook group once a week and if you are a member of Applique Forum, you can get 1 SDG free design for being a registered member and 2 SDG free designs for being a premium member!  Freebies that are available now are:
Facebook Group:

Applique Forum:


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Design Release for the month of April

All new designs for the month of April have been released!  We have created some of the cutest farm animals around and 2 alphabets to match!  We have also created the prettiest bird in teacup applique design, that would look absolutely adorable on a little girl's dress or shirt for spring!  All new designs will be on sale at 50% off until April 8th!  We have put all of our farm designs in a promo package, which is selling for only $25.00!  If you are an AF member, you get to save even more!  Just check out the forum and pick up that coupon code we left for you and apply it to your order!  You can get these precious designs from our website at


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter New Design Release!

Today we have released brand new Easter designs!  The newly released designs are 40% off until March 18th, 2013!  You can also buy the designs in a Easter Promo Pack deal where you would get the Raggy Springtime Applique Alphabet and the 7 other precious designs we released today for $25!  If you are an AF member then head on over there and see what we left for you in the business section before you shop! 

We also have marked all Easter designs(excluding the newly released designs) and St. Patrick's Day designs to 50% off!  That ends on March 31st as well!

Last but not least, we will be releasing some brand new baseball designs tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6th, 2013!  These designs will also be made up into a Baseball Promo Pack which will also be $25! 

To take advantage of any of these awesome deals go to to shop from our facebook store!  We also have an etsy shop which is!  Like us on facebook at to recieve updates of when new designs are released, when we are having sales, and when we are having a giveaway!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March News!

We will be releasing brand new designs on March 5th at 8:00am CST.  We will also be opening up our facebook shop which will allow all of our customers to have instant access to their designs!  Woohoo!  We have been working many long hours trying to get all of the new designs created, stitched out, and most of all ready for instant download!  We are only going to post a few designs to etsy, but all will be listed for sale in our facebook shop!

The same day we release new designs, we will also be releasing what we are calling our PROMO PACKS!  This month we will have 2 Promo Packs!  One will include some of our newly released Easter designs and the other will be some of our newly released baseball designs!  The great thing about these Promo Packs is that you will get an even bigger price cut if you purchase it!  Of course all newly released designs will be 40% off regular price, but when you purchase a Promo Pack, the price gets even better!

Finally, all Easter and St. Patrick's Day designs will be 50% off! 

We are so excited for this month and all we have going on!  Like our facebook page to get updates of when new designs are posted, when we have sales, or when we are having a giveaway at!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A little about how our business began!

My name is Rachael and I have started a brand new  digitizing business with my sister-in-law, Dedra!  We are 2 stay at home moms who wanted to fill any spare time we had with something to help put food on the table. 

I grew up with somewhat of an artistic know how.  My whole family on my mom's side has some sort of artistic talent and just like all of them I sort of picked up my own.  I love to sew, crochet, draw, paint, scrapbook, and most of all digitize.  I get to take whatever creative thought I have and digitize it so that people who embroider can put my work on clothing they either sell or keep for themselves.  It is a great feeling to know that people liked your work enough to sell it or put it on something they would use themselves or put on their friends and family! 

I started digitizing working for my mom's personalization business(Stitching and Stuff, LLC.) for the last 2 years.  I thought well we spend so much money on buying designs that everyone has and wouldn't it be awesome to have your very own personal digitizer?  So I took the time to learn how to be the best digitizer I can be and started creating designs like crazy.  Once I got the hang of it and mom tested some stuff out that I made we had the idea that maybe I should make this a business so other embroiders can take advantage of my talent as well.  So I thought long and hard about pricing and what we would charge for these adorable creations, what we would call our digitizing business, and how we would go about selling our designs.  So when we got all of that figured out I had a thought that I could use some help with this business and thought my sister-in-law Dedra would be perfect!  I sent her a facebook message and asked her if she would be interested in something like this and of course she was!  I taught her everything I know and once she got the hang of it she became just as hooked as I was.  Once we had enough designs, we decided it was time to get our designs up on etsy and cross our fingers that we get some sales! 

So here we are 12 days later and have gotten a sale!  We'll take it!  We are very optimistic that we are in the right business and that it is going to take some time for our loyal customers to find us!  If you are an embroider and want to check us out you can visit our etsy shop at  You can also visit and like our facebook page at to get updates when new designs are posted and when we have sales and giveaways going on.  We have an etsy shop button on facebook as well so you can get updates and shop all from the same site!  Follow us on twitter  sthrndigigirlz is our twitter name!  If you don't do embroidery yourself but know someone that does we would really appreciate it if you would tell them about us!  We guarantee you will find something you like and if not then we will make something you like!  I have decided to make a blog of our business experience to maybe give hope to other businesses and to also get the word out about our business!  :)